Ale Fail

Beer isn't always good. Check out these wonderful examples.

How to Cap Your Beer Without a Capper

Chris Jensen · November 15

Sometimes you gotta improvise.

I don't bottle frequently as, like most, I much prefer the convenience of kegging. But I do like to bottle my special beers or beers that do well with aging, which means I find myself bottling at least 2-3 batches a year.

Last weekend, I finally got around to bottling my holiday beer (a Trappist-style Belgian strong dark ale). I had a number of 29mm mouth bombers on hand that I'd been saving for a special brew such as ...

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Why Does My Beer Smell Like Butter?

Jeremy Short · March 26

If you're here, you may have just cracked up in a bottle of homebrew and took a big whiff of butter from your pint glass. Yum, butter? Wait, this isn't supposed to smell like butter. What happened to my beer? And just maybe you took a swig of that beer and there is is again: butter. Not cool. You, my friend, have diacetyl. Adding a butter aroma and flavor, Diacetyl is one of the more common off-flavors found in beer. So what causes ...

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The Craftbeer Infographic Infographic!

Jeremy Short · January 23

I will occasionally get requests to have guest posts on this blog and more often than not that guest post has a handy dandy infographic. I am using the term "info" loosely while the term "graphic" is indeed an accurate statement.  There are hundreds of beer related infographics floating around. And if you follow Jay Brook’s Brookston Beer Bulletin you would have run into his massive collection of beer related infographics. While many of them are quite good and even beautifully designed many of ...

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What to do when you have a stuck mash

Jeremy Short · December 11

You just spent $50 on ingredients and you've been mashing your grains for an hour then you go to separate out your wort and ... what the ... holy hell the wort isn't coming out. What do I do? Help! Oh, man, this was going to be the best pale ale ever! Don't worry, yet. I've been stranded with a stuck mash a few times. It's the worst damn thing to happen on a brew day. So far I've been able ...

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Your Mom Likes Pumpkin Beer!

Chris Jensen · October 30

It's that time of year again. Pumpkin beers abound. This year there are more pumpkin beers than pumpkins! How is that possible?

A lot has been made about the "black fridayzation" of pumpkin beers. That is to say, they creep up earlier and earlier, like retailer openings on Black Friday. And I agree with the sentiment: it's ridiculous to drink a pumpkin beer at the end of July. Please, save them for September next year.

But, generally, I really like pumpkin beers. Done ...

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How to manage your homebrew addiction

Jeremy Short · April 5

This post is part of The Session a monthly beer blogging topic. It's been awhile since I've contributed. This month's topic is finding beer balance.

Homebrewing is a painful addiction. Not for the addict, but for the people who live around the addict and constantly have to hear references to archaic beer styles or sentences like “I can’t wait to check out the new US96H hop breed ... You got to come over and check out my new keezer fan ... check out ...

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Drunk Driver Crashing into a DUI Checkpoint is a Good Reminder Not to Drink and Drive

Jeremy Short · December 10

 It always good to remember that drinking and driving is a bad idea, but sometimes a story of stupidity helps illustrate that point even better. Take for example the story of the North Carolina man who ran his car into a mobile DUI checkpoint lab. The checkpoint had closed for the evening, but the driver of the ’89 Chevrolet Camaro still thought to stop. Well I guess you can call that a type of stop. Luckily no one in the lab was injured during the ...

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Natty Light in Space Almost Makes Natty Light Cool

Jeremy Short · November 29

Here's yet another big beer making their beer can doing something crazy in attempt to make their beer more interesting. God forbid that they actually just brew a good beer. A couple weeks ago Red Stripe turned their empty beer cans into a speaker array and now we have Natty Light tossing a can of beer into space. As a dork, I think this space one is much cooler and the video is well worth a watch. I guess when you have a beer ...

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Red Stripe beer cans are cooler empty than full

Jeremy Short · November 18

Here's a rather interesting use of used Red Stripe beer cans: a sound sculpture. It's worth watching the whole video, thought it does run a little long, to see the creation of this crazy collection of beer cans. It looks like they did a pretty good job cleaning out the cans before putting them to use here. Good thing, I suppose. This might be the start of several other creations of Red Stripe beer can sculptures from the looks of their facebook page. 

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Best Beer Pairing Ever: Coors & Jelly Beans

Jeremy Short · March 31

As craft beer lovers find great cheese to pair with their tripels, and Imperial IPAs to match up with chicken curry, one pairing has slipped under the radar: Starburst Jelly Beans and Coors Banquet beer. Here is the manna that God gave the Israelites as they wandered the desert. A truly sublime combinations of flavors greet your eager tongue as you chew through the fruity sweetness of the jelly beans and wash it down with the crisp clear coolness of that fine Rocky Mountain beer ...

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Gay Beer?

Jeremy Short · February 22

How gay is your beer? Great poll question from Eatocracy that was inspired by a Time magazine article covering a brewery in Jalisco Mexico who caters to a specific audience: the gay community in Mexico. That's cool. But here's the strange part, apparently the LBGT brews from Cervecerua Minervao are flavored for the refined palates of gay men and lesbians. From Time, "Minerva, a small brewery in Jalisco, Mexico, believes its "artisan honey-ales" will appeal to gay men and lesbians whose refined tastes ...

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