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Book Review: Steve Hindy's 'The Craft Beer Revolution'

Jeremy Short · May 28

Over the last few decades, much has changed across the American beer landscape. The rows of beer at my neighborhood liquor store have morphed from a few American lagers into a dizzying array of IPAs, stouts, sours, and more IPAs. To be fair I am not old enough to remember quite how bleak the beer landscape once was, but Steve Hindy is and he has wrapped up these changes in his new book The Craft Beer Revolution. From the title, and the inside slip of ...

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Books that Should Be in Your Brewing Library

Chris Jensen · March 12

If you’re like me, once you dipped your toes in the homebrewing pool you wanted to do a triple lindy right in. But before diving in (or moving to the next platform), it’s a good idea to read up to get a feel for technique, equipment, and recipes.

Most brewers have a few go-to recommendations when asked about their book recommendations, so here are our top 3 must-have books for your brewing library:


1. How to Brew, by John Palmer. The simplicity of ...

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