The Denver Tasting Lab

The Denver Tasting Lab is a group of beer lovers who get together every now and then to try out some beers. Sometime we even try to learn something about beer. 

Nothin' like a Nice Package

Chris Jensen · April 20

I love a good package.

While the BJCP judge in me knows that brand and packaging has little to do with the quality of a beer (see our surprising results in our blind Double IPA and Belgian Dark taste tests), I am a marketer at heart. That heart gets broken when I see crappy packaging, as many new and some established beer brands put on the shelf. And, unfortunately for them, as that shelf becomes more competitive and the consumer becomes more adventerous, packaging has ...

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Who makes the best Pilsner?

Jeremy Short · August 13

One of my all around favorite beer styles is the always drinkable pilsner. So when Billy suggested a pilsner blind tasty for our next Denver Tasting Lab get together I got a little excited. Nah, I was VERY excited. Going into this tasting I already had some favorite pilsners to cheers on which would make the results all the more exciting. Man, I used the word excite way too much in that paragraph.

The Beers

Generally we stuck with German Style Pilsners which feature a ...

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Why does my beer taste like apples?

Jeremy Short · December 11

If you've just cracked open a homebrew and find that it has a green apple flavor you've probably have acetaldehyde. Unless, of course, you added apples or apple juice to your beer. But then you probably wouldn't be here wondering where that strange flavor came from. Other flavor descriptions of acetaldehyde include freshly cut pumpkin, cut grass, and green leaves, personally it reminds me of green Jolly Ranchers. In large quantities it really jumps out at you and makes you say, "what ...

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What does mouthfeel mean?

Jeremy Short · November 6

Maybe you've read a beer review on some site and ran into the phrase mouthfeel and thought wow that sounds gross. Well that's what I thought. What a weird phrase, right? I assumed it simply meant what a beer feels like in your mouth. It feels like liquid! That seems like a silly thing to rate a beer on.

The short answer to what is mouthfeel: Yeah, it really does just mean what the beer feels like in your mouth.

Why should you ...

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Westvleteren 12: Worth the Lore, or Just a Bore?

Chris Jensen · October 25

We've all heard the hype. Best beer in the world according to RateBeer for many years running. Tops on BeerAdvocate.  Sells for $100/bottle on eBay. In fact, the bottles sold for a ridiculous amount at retail when the monastery released a precious few to the US last year.

Is it really worth all the hype?

I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy this beer on a few occasions, and there’s no question it’s a great beer. But my opinion is that ...

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Who makes the best Double IPA?

Jeremy Short · September 20

There are great questions in the world. Questions like how big is the universe?  How and where will tornados form? What’s the best Double IPA? While it would be fun to tackle the first two questions… oh, wait… um… I just drank nine Double IPAs I think … um … yeah, I’ll stick to the last one there on that list. And so, to figure out this conundrum we got together the Denver Tasting Lab and a bunch of DIPAs (with a couple normal IPAs ...

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Does the world really need the beer/wine hybrid?

Jeremy Short · June 19

Hybrids are cool. Right? You mix two cool things together and you get one awesome thing? Right? Well that's the idea. And because hybrids are so popular many breweries have decided to brew up beers that in many ways can be considered a hybrid of beer and wine. Awesome. Right? Or maybe the math of cool + cool = awesome doesn't always add up? To find out I tried several of these hybrids out with my fellow drinkers at the Denver Tasting Lab.

Winebeer #1 ...

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So you want to drink some smoke beers

Jeremy Short · April 12

This post is part of the Denver Tasting Lab where a few bloggers get together and taste some beer and try to learn something every now and then.  

In the middle of the Franconia region of Germany you will find the home of rauchbier in the medieval town of Bamberg. And in Bamberg you will find Schlenkerla. This palace of smoke creates some of the world’s most well known smoked beers. The name Schlenkerla comes from the German word schlenkern meaning to "dangle, swing ...

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PintFight: Oktoberfest

Jeremy Short · November 4

Just in time for November the Pintwell tasting panel takes on seven Oktoberfest beers. Sure, we're a little late, but on the bright side some of the beers might be on the bargain rack. Before we dive into the beers selected for the panel, it would probably be appropriate to say a few things about the style.

First, what's the name again? Confusingly, I've seen Oktoberfest, Octoberfest, Fest, Marzen, Marzen-Oktoberfest, Ur-Marzen, Marzen Fest, Amber Marzen, Fetival Lager, Amber-German-get-you-hammered-lager, and so on. Basically ...

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Blind Tasting: Standard American Lager

Jeremy Short · May 12

The ubiquitous beer that is the American Lager, it’s hard to avoid this "domestic" beer. Even the most proud tap-houses carry Budweiser, Coors, and/or Miller. Why? Because people everywhere prefer lager over ale, and it's hard to argue the drinkability of these beers. You know what else is very drinkable? Water. Anyway, it's easy as a craft beer drinker to demonize these mass produced beers, but is there something more to these lagers that we should appreciate and acknowledge? I think ...

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