Drinking Holes

Here's a few places to grab a pint. 

I love Belgium

Chris Jensen · March 24

Tragedies like the one that occurred in Brussels earlier this week are never easy to process, but it always seems a little harder when they occur in a place you love. That is certainly true of Belgium for me. I've only spent a week there, but during that time I feel in love with the friendly people, the quaint countryside towns, the delectable food and the unassumingness of it all. Of course, I was already in love with the beer, which was one of ...

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I was inspired! Side Project Tap Room in STL

Chris Jensen · October 30

I haven't written about beer in a long time. I haven't brewed in almost as long, and, sad to say, I've hardly even drank much good beer in all that time. It's not that I love beer any less, it's just a whole lot of other stuff has taken priority over the past several months. For example:
I quit my job.
I started a new business.
I had a child.
I chased my other child, now 2, all over the ...
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Drinking Beer in Boston... an Express Tour

Jeremy Short · March 31

With a little time left over from a business trip, I squeezed in a quick tour of the Boston beer scene. Limited by time, and also transportation, I knew that I wouldn't get the best beer tour, but, hey, I had to give it a try. With six hours there is a lot one can accomplish (especially with a powerful thirst for beer). The other restriction in my beer journey: weather. I visited the last week of February and snow was still stacked several ...

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Why I Travel for Beer

Chris Jensen · October 29

This post is part of The Session 93, hosted over at the Roaming Pint.

I am fond of beer. I'm also quite fond of travel. So it's  the best of both worlds when I get to travel for beer.
Now, candidly, I've really only taken one big trip purely for beer. Two years ago I took my adventure loving wife on a trip to Belgium, beer's holy land, where we spent a couple of weeks touring different breweries and visiting some ...
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Tap Room Tour: Walter's Brewing

Jeremy Short · August 22

There’s a new brewery in Pueblo, Colorado with an old name: Walter’s Brewing Company. While spending a weekend in Pueblo I had a chance to check out Walter’s. Located in a nondescript old warehouse it is easy to walk past the entrance without noticing the small sign just above the door. I had never heard of Walter’s before my visit and had no idea that Walter’s Beer had been a brewery for many, many years in Pueblo before it close ...

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Tap Room Tour: Monk's Cafe, Philadelphia

Chris Jensen · August 6

I had the good fortune of visiting the famed Monk's Cafe in Philadelphia last week. I'd been there a couple times before, but that was prior to my visit to Belgium and my profound love of Belgian beers. And while I remember respecting the place, I absolutely did not appreciate the place for what it is.

Monk's is one of the best beer bars in the US. To start, the beer list is unmatched. I've known for years that Philly is ...

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Tap Room Tour: Odell Brewing, Ft. Collins

Chris Jensen · July 9

I'd been to Odell's about 7 years ago, well before the recent remodel. Back then it was overshadowed by its striking neighor, New Belgium. It was modest, but not in a start-up brewery kind of way. More in a production brewery that didn't pay attention to the details way.

As we mentioned in our post on the world's best Double IPAs, we are quite fond of Odell's. They make outstanding beer, some of the best in the state (if not ...

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Tap Room Tour: TRVE Brewing

Jeremy Short · June 27

If there was ever a post that needed some sort of musical into, this would be it. Since I hate websites that just start playing sounds without warning, let’s just imagine a guitar playing absurdly fast in a dark deep minor chord. A man’s grim voice warns you of impending doom while the drummer slams the bass drum like the heartbeat of Satan. YOU HAVE ENTERED TRVE BREWING. And then there’s me sitting at the bar unconsciously head banging to the dark ...

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Tap Room Tour: Renegade Brewing

Jeremy Short · June 20

Another week, another brewery. This is my second visit to this week's brewery: Renegade Brewing. My first visit occurred long ago. I don’t know, maybe a couple years ago. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t a fan. Thin, watery, bland, nearly every beer I tried fit into one or all of those descriptions. Times change. Brewers master their brew houses. Beer gets better. Renegade won a bronze medal this year at GABF for their Hammer and Sickle Russian Imperial Stout. They ...

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Tap Room Tour: Black Shirt Brewing

Jeremy Short · June 11

Here is a brewery I've attempted to visit on three occasions and each time they were closed. Twice I arrived too early and once too late. This time I reviewed their hours over and over and determined it was safe to visit and voila they were open. Closing at 9 PM on a Saturday seems early, right? I did overhear a guest ask about the odd hours and the bartender had an interesting reply: "we want to be people's first drink, not their ...

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Tap Room Tour: Station 26 Brewing Co.

Jeremy Short · May 30

There are a few brewers in and around Denver. And by a few I mean a ton. Regretfully, I’ve only seen a few of them and haven’t had a chance to check out many of the new ones that have popped up here and there. That must be fixed! During the summer my day job lets up a bit so I plan to take advantage of those few extra free hours to go explore some these breweries. I am hoping to hit up ...

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What is it like going to Stone's Liberty Station with two young kids while you have a cold?

Jeremy Short · April 30

Cough, cough. Sneeze. Drink some water. Hmm, the beer bottle list is pretty impressive. Cough. Hey, where did my son go? No, don't put your hand in that pond. Sit over here. Sneeze. Cough... Cough. Cough. I'll take the ordinary bitter.

San Diego has a great beer scene. There are a bunch of famous breweries and even a cool place to check out yeast http://www.whitelabs.com/. In my view, any place you can check out yeast is cool. I like beer ...

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Free Yeast! And why I love my local brewer

Chris Jensen · February 26

I love my local brewer. Or should I say, brewers... Lots of brewers. Denver has been overrun by new breweries, and I couldn't be happier.

Of course, most of them make tasty and interesting beers that I love to try. I appreciate the experimentation of some, but value the diligence of others who try to nail traditional yet challenging styles, such as the German Pils. I love the unique environment they create, each a unique extension of a living room or beer hall which ...

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Delaware wins the 2013 Great American Beer Festival

Jeremy Short · October 22

Maybe you've seen some of the medal counts floating around about the Great American Beer Festival? You know the ones that show that California and Colorado dominated with 56 and 46 medals respectively. Third place went to Oregon with a distant count of 25 medals. Wow, California and Colorado rock, right?

Did you also know that of the 654 breweries at GABF 230 of them came from California and Colorado? These two states alone represented 36% of the breweries at the festival. Impressive. This ...

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Another Year, Another Great American Beer Festival

Pintwell · October 17

It's October which means football players wear pink shoes, the leave turn yellow, and the city of Denver is invaded by a swarm of bearded beer lovers. Yes, the Great American Beer Festival has come and gone and the Pintwell crew has had a few days to recover and recall some of our favorites from this year's festival.

Chris’s Top Ten

1.       Duck Duck Gooze, Lost Abbey Brewing (easily the best domestic produced gueuze I've ever had!)

2.       Saint Dekkera Belgian-Style ...

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Brew Masters Unseen Episode!

Chris Jensen · March 25

Maybe it's because I'm a beer nerd, but I loved this show! I was disappointed that it didn't make it. There were rumors that it was pulled due to pressure from one of the big brewers, however I don't know how likely that is. I'm guessing it had as much to do with ratings and the strain on operations at Dogfish Head.

In any case, I was delighted when I came across this unaired episode. I can't believe they ...

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Under the Sun (Boulder) Review

Chris Jensen · March 18

I have been a big fan of the Mountain Sun group of restaurants since I first set foot in the original location on Pearl in the late 90s. I was elated when they opened Southern Sun location as it meant more space, including outside seating. I did a little dance when they opened Vine St. as it brought the tasty food and quaffable brews to us Denverites. And, needless to say, I was intrigued when they decided to break the mold and open a new ...

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The Session #60: WTF is a Growler

Jeremy Short · February 3

The Session is a monthly beer blogging topic. This month's topic comes from Kendall Jones at Washington Beer Blog.

The first time I homebrewed the friend who walked me through the process told me he would pick up a couple growlers beforehand. WTF s a growler, I asked. He replied simply, it's just a glass jug for beer. Oh. Well that's simple enough. And, if homebrew isn't available, there's nothing quite like a fresh beer from a local brewery to ...

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The Session #59: I Almost Always Drink Beer, But When I Don’t…

Jeremy Short · January 6

The Session is a monthly beer blogging topic. This is my first time participating and oddly enough the topic isn’t about beer.

I almost always drink beer, but when I don’t I drink… I drink. Well, I mean, I guess… this is a harder question than it seems. Water. Water is nice. But that seems a bit boring. What about coffee? I do drink a lot of coffee when I am not drinking beer.  And coffee is brewed. Brewed, hey, that’s kind ...

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Great Beer at Tallgrass Brewing in Manhattan... Kansas

Jeremy Short · January 5

My wife comes from Manhattan. No, not the cool one, the one in Kansas. Yep, the Little Apple. And yes, this home to Kansas State University, does refer to itself as the Little Apple. In fact her childhood home is just south of Houston Street, so you could technically say she’s from SoHo, Manhattan. We end up visiting the Little Apple a few times a year and with any place I visit I consider it a kind of duty to locate the local breweries ...

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Copper Kettle Brewing: Drink a Beer Here

Jeremy Short · December 10

There are a bunch of breweries in the Denver area that are relatively new, and one that I’ve finally taken the time to visit is Copper Kettle Brewing Company. Why didn’t I check this place out sooner? What a cozy place this is. Good beer, relaxed atmosphere and friendly service ensure my return. You can watch a football game without feeling overwhelmed with screaming fans and flashing lights. Easy going is kind of a theme to this establishment. And that suits me well ...

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Stranded Alaskan Survives by Eating Frozen Coors Light Like a Can of Beans

Jeremy Short · December 6

Yeah, that's right, Clifton Vial of Nome Alaska went on an adventure in his Toyota Tacoma only to get stuck in a snowdrift with just a few cans of Coors Light to keep him going. Stranded in his truck for over 60 hours with the temperature dropping to 12 below (that's not a windchill temperature) Vial found the Coors Light. Since the beer was frozen Vial "ate the beers like a can of beans." Awesome. Vial explains to the Anchorage Daily News, "I ...

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Three Boulder tap rooms in a day

Jeremy Short · November 23

Even though Boulder is a short half-hour drive from my home it’s rare that I take the time. And there’s several great breweries there that have been beckoning me to make that short trip. Recently a group of us made the journey and checked out three of Boulder’s great tap rooms: Boulder Beer Company, Avery, and Twisted Pine. As you can see from the map above, all of these fine breweries are rather closely congregated which gave us the option of walking ...

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GABF 2011, A Trip Down Memory Lane

Jeremy Short · October 29

This year’s Great American Beer Festival was my seventh, which means I’ve been going long enough to start feeling nostalgic. And this year, more than before, made me feel particularly nostalgic; Perhaps it was the 1982 GABF Pavilion, or watching as some breweries grow while other seemingly diminish, or was it the massive popularity of the whole thing? Either way, GABF seems bigger, bigger, and… wait there’s more than 450 breweries at this thing now? Damn that’s a lot of beer ...

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Denver and Aurora Craft Beer Restaurants

Nathan Reynolds · May 13

A new trend is cropping up in our fair city of Denver and it is exclusive taps for our favorite craft beers. There is a growing number of restaurants that cater to the ?beer connoisseur and the adventurous. I thought it'd be nice to help our faithful followers get a head start on where they should start to head for some great beers (the pun is there to show off how smart and clever I am). This isn't a list of brewpubs, but ...

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Drinking craft beer in New York City

Jeremy Short · April 20

Ah, New York City with beer. Good times. There are many great places to get a pint in New York and it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out where to start and where to go to next. Here’s my experience on a recent visit and a few tips on places that are well worth a visit. As I start to write this post I realize that a longer title might be necessary: Drinking Craft Beer in New York City while on a ...

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Tour of Brewery Ommegang

Jeremy Short · April 12

Cradled in the rolling Catskill Mountains is the little farmhouse brewery known as Ommegang. It's out of the way, it's quiet, and it's one of the most beautiful looking American breweries I have seen. This is a perfect location to recreate the beers of Belgium. When you arrive at the brewery you drive through an arch in the middle of the old farmhouse and find a growing, changing and very modern brewery is on the other side. What first catches my eye ...

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The Experience

Joshua Gates · March 30

He takes a drink and the pressure is on.  It's not your typical drink experience...he isn't doing this to chug something down or to prove anything.  Well, actually he is.  He's doing it to make sense of his family and hell if he's only ten years old.

It is that first taste you remember.  Bitter, nothing like anything you have ever ingested.  They aren't laughing at you, they aren't busting your balls.  What this is really about is ...

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