Yeah, a bunch of stuff happened the day before yesterday, yesterday.

I love Belgium

Chris Jensen · March 24

Tragedies like the one that occurred in Brussels earlier this week are never easy to process, but it always seems a little harder when they occur in a place you love. That is certainly true of Belgium for me. I've only spent a week there, but during that time I feel in love with the friendly people, the quaint countryside towns, the delectable food and the unassumingness of it all. Of course, I was already in love with the beer, which was one of ...

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Why I Travel for Beer

Chris Jensen · October 29

This post is part of The Session 93, hosted over at the Roaming Pint.

I am fond of beer. I'm also quite fond of travel. So it's  the best of both worlds when I get to travel for beer.
Now, candidly, I've really only taken one big trip purely for beer. Two years ago I took my adventure loving wife on a trip to Belgium, beer's holy land, where we spent a couple of weeks touring different breweries and visiting some ...
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This video is the best introduction to beer I've seen

Jeremy Short · March 27

There are a lot of videos about beer but few are this good. From brewing, fermentation, bottling, serving and enjoying everything is covered in this video. There are even great tidbits of history in the mix. The amount of information covered in a quick five minutes is outstanding and somehow doesn't feel too rushed. A couple of subtle things that I just loved in this video:

  • A rule of thumb: using your thumb to measure your mash temp. 
  • Only drink the popular taps at ...
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Russian Imperial Stout: A Short History

Jeremy Short · March 22

Thick, black, and big. Yeah, you know what I am talking about: Russian Imperial Stout. This London born ale is known for its high alcohol, high bitterness, use of dark malts, and apparently Catherine the Great of Russia was a fan of this dark style. If you're not familiar with all the things Cathrine the Great's was into--like the fact she died having sex with a horse--you should check out this Wikipedia article for some fun reading while sipping your favorite Imperial Stout ...

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