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Nothin' like a Nice Package

Chris Jensen · April 20

I love a good package.

While the BJCP judge in me knows that brand and packaging has little to do with the quality of a beer (see our surprising results in our blind Double IPA and Belgian Dark taste tests), I am a marketer at heart. That heart gets broken when I see crappy packaging, as many new and some established beer brands put on the shelf. And, unfortunately for them, as that shelf becomes more competitive and the consumer becomes more adventerous, packaging has ...

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Brew More, Blog More

Jeremy Short · January 31

If you are one of those few people who keep up with the comings and goings of Pintwell you probably noticed we were a bunch of slackers last year. There are plenty of reasons (good and bad) on why the amount of posting dropped significantly last year. Chris talks a bit about his reasons in this post. My reasons are all about the same. I got a new job, children take up a lot time, and I have hardly homebrewed. Sad. So so sad. Well ...

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The 2015 Homebrewer's Christmas Wish List

Jeremy Short · December 10

While I haven't had time to brew much lately, I've had plenty of time to dream about new brew gear I’d like to add to my collection. And with Christmas coming up, here’s what I am hoping to have in my homebrewer’s stocking. Ok, none of this will probably fit in a stocking, but you get the point. If you’re out there looking for a gift for your favorite homebrewer here’s a few idea (or me. You can ...

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Hey, Pintwell is four years old!

Jeremy Short · February 27

I just realized that the month of February was about to go past without a single Pintwell post. The shame! I also realized that February is Pintwell's birthday. Double shame! So here is a short post to make sure something goes up this month before the calendar flips to March. Both Chris and I have been busy with our day jobs which has limited our posting lately. Don't fret, new posts will soon come. I have a few half written posts and a ...

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I think I went too far with my homebrewing gear

Jeremy Short · January 2

I love to homebrew. And guess what? I haven’t homebrewed for the last four months. I have a long list of reason for that (work, children, school, etc), but that’s rarely stopped me before. What’s actually holding me back the most is that I’ve gone too far. My homebrewing gear and setup are weighing me down. It takes too long to setup. The brew day went from a couple hours to nearly six hours. Those are six great hours, but it ...

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Homebrewer Gift Ideas

Pintwell · November 19

One thing we have done consistently here at Pintwell is coming up with gift ideas for homebrewers every year. Just check out this list and this list (in case the new one here isn't enough). Why are we so good about doing this list every year? Because we want all this stuff, too! We just need to get our famlies to read our blog so they know what to buy us every Christmas. 

It's interesting to see how our list changes each year ...

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We have a newsletter now!

Jeremy Short · August 13

You can get Pintwell in your inbox! How fantastic is that?!?! I am even using exclamation points!!! I know you are probably just as excited as I am. Okay, I take that back: you’re probably NOT as excited as I am. Either way, you should totally sign up. Just use the little form on the right of this or any post on Pintwell. Also, we promise not to overload your inbox. The newsletter will only come out once a month and it will let ...

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What's wrong with Beer Glassware in the US?

Chris Jensen · May 7

I’m sick of the pint glass. Although simple and durable, it lacks personality compared to its Central European counterparts. More importantly, it’s definitely not optimized to enhance the aroma and flavor of most of the beers served within. Ordinary bitter? OK. But IPA? The pint glass cannot do it justice.

In Belgium and much of Germany, each brand has it’s own distinct style of glass featuring a unique shape that is meant to highlight the characteristics of that brand’s beer. The ...

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The Craftbeer Infographic Infographic!

Jeremy Short · January 23

I will occasionally get requests to have guest posts on this blog and more often than not that guest post has a handy dandy infographic. I am using the term "info" loosely while the term "graphic" is indeed an accurate statement.  There are hundreds of beer related infographics floating around. And if you follow Jay Brook’s Brookston Beer Bulletin you would have run into his massive collection of beer related infographics. While many of them are quite good and even beautifully designed many of ...

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Your Mom Likes Pumpkin Beer!

Chris Jensen · October 30

It's that time of year again. Pumpkin beers abound. This year there are more pumpkin beers than pumpkins! How is that possible?

A lot has been made about the "black fridayzation" of pumpkin beers. That is to say, they creep up earlier and earlier, like retailer openings on Black Friday. And I agree with the sentiment: it's ridiculous to drink a pumpkin beer at the end of July. Please, save them for September next year.

But, generally, I really like pumpkin beers. Done ...

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Westvleteren 12: Worth the Lore, or Just a Bore?

Chris Jensen · October 25

We've all heard the hype. Best beer in the world according to RateBeer for many years running. Tops on BeerAdvocate.  Sells for $100/bottle on eBay. In fact, the bottles sold for a ridiculous amount at retail when the monastery released a precious few to the US last year.

Is it really worth all the hype?

I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy this beer on a few occasions, and there’s no question it’s a great beer. But my opinion is that ...

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Who makes the best Double IPA?

Jeremy Short · September 20

There are great questions in the world. Questions like how big is the universe?  How and where will tornados form? What’s the best Double IPA? While it would be fun to tackle the first two questions… oh, wait… um… I just drank nine Double IPAs I think … um … yeah, I’ll stick to the last one there on that list. And so, to figure out this conundrum we got together the Denver Tasting Lab and a bunch of DIPAs (with a couple normal IPAs ...

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2014 Colorado Homebrew Competitions

Pintwell · August 14

Here is a list of all of the upcoming Colorado (and near-by) homebrew competitions we know about. Know of one that's not listed? Shoot us an email: jeremy (a) pintwell.com or post the details in the comments and we will add to the list. List last updated May 20, 2014.

Steel City Brewfest

  • Website: http://puebloriverwalk.org/steel-city-brewfest/
  • Entry Deadline: May. 23, 2014 
  • Judging Dates: June 6, 2014
  • Location: Pueblo, CO
  • Cost per Entry: $5.00
  • BJCP: Yes

Odyssey Beerwerks Inaugural Competition

  • Website ...
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Who'd pay $33 for a 6 pack? Bomber prices gone wild!

Chris Jensen · May 8

Maybe you don’t want to read this post. In fact, if you are content with paying $10 for a bomber of good beer abandon ship now!

OK, so you’re probably already aware of what I’m about to tell you. Buying beer by the bomber is incredibly expensive compared to the relative price in other forms. For example, a bomber that costs just $10 is the equivalent of a $33 6 pack! Wow!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to continue ...

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Sustainable Brewing: Uses for your Spent Grain

Chris Jensen · April 24

As a part of our Earth Week series on reducing the environmental impact on brewing, we’d like to talk about one of the easiest opportunities for a homebrewer: reusing your spent grain.

Both all grain and partial mash brewers end up with a surplus of leftover grain at the end of a brew session (all grain, high gravity brewers much more so!). Rather than send them to the landfill, we like to reuse them in various ways as they still have all kinds of ...

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Sustainable Brewing: Tips for reducing your environmental impact

Chris Jensen · April 22

For many, brewing represents a battle between the want to conveniently brew excellent beer and the desire to minimize one’s environmental impact.

There are no two ways about it: brewing beer takes a lot of resources. Regardless of whether you’re a modest homebrewer or a world-renowned pro, you still have to heat your water, cool your wort, clean your equipment, and develop your sugars. Many professional breweries have implemented sophisticated systems to waste less water, recapture energy, and reuse their resources. But what ...

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2013 Colorado Homebrew Competitions

Pintwell · April 1


2013 is over, as if you didn't know. Here is the 2014 listing. 


Here is a list of all of the upcoming Colorado (and near-by) homebrew competitions we know about. Know of one that's not listed? Shoot us an email: jeremy (a) pintwell.com or post details in the comments and we will add to the list.


Biere de Rock

  • Websitehttp://www.bierederock.com/
  • Entry Deadline: November 23, 2013 
  • Judging Dates: December 7, 2013
  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Cost per Entry: $7.00 ...
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Hey you look different, again

Jeremy Short · March 14

Welcome to the new Pintwell! After some spring cleaning and some polishing up here and there we have a new site. Fancy. Here are some of the changes:

There used to be a bunch of different parts to Pintwell and it was kind of easy to get lost. All of those short dark alleyways and incomplete entries have been eliminated.  

Beer reviews. In the end I dropped nearly all of the beer reviews that existed on the old site. Most of them were garbage anyway ...

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Calculating Finishing Gravity with a Refractometer is Nuts

Jeremy Short · January 21

Santa kindly gave me a Refractometer for Christmas this year, which rocked because it was on my list of gifts for your favorite homebrewer. And just a couple of weeks ago I brewed up a doppelbock and got to try my new toy out. It was everything I dreamed it would be. Geeky. Easy to read. Rather badass looking. I was happy. Then I went to take a reading after fermentation had slowed down and got a sky-high reading. Wait? Did I under-pitch? Was the ...

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How I learned to love craft beer

Jeremy Short · March 6

One of the main goals of this website is to spread the infection that is craft beer far and wide. Knowing that, I started to wonder how I came to love craft beer. When did it happen? How did it happen? What beers led me to love beer? What follows is my beer history (express edition). It’s kind of like a list of all my former girlfriends that I occasionally go back and visit. If you are looking to love craft beer or you ...

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Pliny the Younger comes to Denver

Jeremy Short · February 21

I've finally had my chance to drink a glass of Pliny the Younger. We came early (an hour before the tap began to pour) to ensure our chance of sipping this one-of-a-kind triple IPA. Really? You came an hour early to get in line for a beer? Asks any reasonable person.  You see, Pliny the Younger is a bit of a pain in the ass to get your hands on and the Falling Rock Tap House in Denver is one of the few places ...

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