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A few random links...

Jeremy Short · March 18

We usually don't post too many random links on this site, but I did want to point out a few cool things that don't totally fit into a post that you would normal find here. 

First, you can check out a fun interview I did with At The Hops and listen to me ramble about mouthfeel and go over some of the points from this article I wrote a while back. 

Second, here's one of the few times were my day job ...

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We have a newsletter now!

Jeremy Short · August 13

You can get Pintwell in your inbox! How fantastic is that?!?! I am even using exclamation points!!! I know you are probably just as excited as I am. Okay, I take that back: you’re probably NOT as excited as I am. Either way, you should totally sign up. Just use the little form on the right of this or any post on Pintwell. Also, we promise not to overload your inbox. The newsletter will only come out once a month and it will let ...

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Colorado still has a lot of great homebrew competitions coming up

Jeremy Short · May 20

I've just updated our Colorado 2014 list of homebrew competitions and there's a bunch of new ones to start brewing for!

Know of any we are missing? Send me a note and I will happy to get it up there (jeremy (a) pintwell (.) com). 

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